Care & Maintenance

Proper Care & Maintenance will help keep your glass and mirror looking beautiful for many years to come. Proper cleaning of glass and mirror should be simple and inexpensive; however, using the wrong cleaning products or supplies can damage the glass surface. If glass is not cleaned and cared for properly, contaminants and mineral deposits such as lime scale, calcium, and soap scum can permanently adhere to the glass and can cause irreparable damage. Below are links to Care & Maintenance guidelines for Mirrored Doors and Etched & Sandblasted glass designed to keep cleaning easy and effective!

Our Showrooms offer discounted pre-packaged full Care & Maintenance Kits with everything you need to care for your sliding door glass and mirrors. These kits include the proper cleaner for shower door glass, custom mirrors, and hardware, plus specialized microfiber towels that remove contaminants from glass and will last for years. The kits also include an ergonomic squeegee designed for glass that has no metal handles or frames that could harm the glass surface.

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