Bifold + Swing Door Systems

Benefits of Bifold + Swing Door Systems

We just visited Raumplus in Germany and are proud to be the FIRST to bring this new and exciting door system to the USA from Europe, and do it affordably since we fabricate all of the glass in house. This modern and sleek German Engineered Raumplus Door System has a uniform appearance for both single swing doors and folding bifold doors, which allows for combinations of each product in a single opening.

The Swing Door application can be used on any opening that is 30 inches wide or under, and up to a height of 108 inches. This is perfect for linen closets, hallway closets, or any narrow opening where space would not be optimized by a sliding or bifold door. The ability to build the doors 108” tall allows full use of the closet opening, as opposed to the inefficient common builder practice of putting a smaller stock-made closet door in front of a large closet opening, thus decreasing the practical use of the valuable closet space.

The Bifold Door application allows center access and provides an open, spacious view of the closet interior, while maximizing the space behind the door. The amazing German Engineering allows for Bifold Doors that can accommodate an opening as large as 60” wide, up to 108” tall, with just two panels. The Bifold doors can also be entirely trackless on the floor for a clean look.

The innovative German Engineering even allows the swing doors and bifold doors to be combined in the same opening. This provides the ultimate space saving flexibility and the ability to accommodate space challenges for custom closet organizing systems to washer/dryer combinations, and more!

Swing Door
Up to 30" Wide & 108" Height

Perfect for narrow linen closet, hall closet, or other small closet openings that would lose access space with folding doors.

Bifold (2 Panels)
Up to 60" Wide & 108" Height

Perfect for center access to a closet, and full view of the entire closet, which can’t be done with sliding door systems.

Space Saving &
Design Flexibility

Virtually unlimited options from narrow openings that require one single swing door to large wide openings that can be done with a combination of bifold and swing doors.

Design with Style

Glass is modern, contemporary, & aesthetically appealing to enhance décor

Reduce Barriers

Innovative Interior Glass Door solutions provide a great tool for designers to create barrier free design plans.

Glass Options

Many glass options available to let light in for an open spacious feel or to obscure it for privacy

Eco Friendly

Use of natural daylight through the glass saves on electricity for ongoing energy savings

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