Sliding Glass Room Dividers & Partitions

Interior sliding glass doors and room divider partitions offer innovative ways to transform the look of homes, offices, and loft spaces. As Chicago’s leading glass supplier, our sliding glass doors are safe, high-quality, and come with practically unlimited glass choices such as clear, frosted, back-painted, and artistic sandblasted, or etched panel glass.

Maximize Your Space

When you think about it, a swing door permanently wastes space by tying up an entire corner of a room. In addition to maximizing the use of your residential or commercial space, the use of sliding glass doors allows designers great options to let in varying levels of light to create open space, ambience, and elegance. Why build a costly room addition when you can divide the space with glass to create an open spacious feel? Glass room dividers or partitions are a stunning and cost-effective solution to managing space in a home or office. Our sliding glass room dividers allow space such as bedrooms or offices to be opened up and closed off with incredible ease.

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