Care & Maintenance


Aluminum Frame

Just use a few drops of mild soap such as dishwashing liquid and warm water and wipe with a soft microfiber towel and rinse well. Creative Mirror & Shower’s Perma Gleam Glass Cleaner is mild and can be used on your hardware as well as your glass for a simple one step solution.

Brush Gasket

Vacuum with upholstery brush/attachment quarterly or as needed. Over time a dark smudge may appear where the brush gasket have contact with the wall. This is not color rubbing off the brush gasket, but dust being pressed against the wall. Remove by cleaning wall surface as recommended by installer of wall surface.

Bottom tracks

Vacuum as needed and/or use a can of compressed air to blow tracks clean so that there is no interference to prevent the door from gliding smoothly.

Clear Glass, Back Painted Glass & Mirror Surfaces

Raumplus Sliding Doors are available in a variety of different glass and mirror options, and the tips below apply to all of them:

DO use alcohol-based cleaners rather than other strong chemicals

Creative Mirror & Shower’s Perma Gleam Glass Cleaner is a great cleaning solution for glass, mirror, and metal.

ALWAYS apply cleaner on a soft, lint free cloth then wipe the surface

NEVER use ANY cleaner containing bleach or ammonia

Stay away from abrasive powders, abrasive pads, and steel wool. These strong chemicals and abrasive cleaning agents will not only harm the glass or mirror.

NEVER spray any cleaner directly on the surface

Unless you can guarantee that the cleaner does not run behind the glass or mirror panel or over a seam where it can get behind the glass and deteriorate the backing. Most glass cleaners will run down the glass and penetrate seams and edges damaging the backing.

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