Back Painted Glass

Care & Maintenance

ALWAYS apply cleaner on a soft, lint free cloth then wipe the glass

DO use cleaners that are alcohol based, rather than ammonia or other strong chemicals

NEVER clean your glass with abrasives, steel wool, acid or alkali, vinegar

Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia, chlorine bleach, powdered cleansers, dirty or gritty rags. Again cleaners must be applied to a soft clean lint free cloth and then wipe the mirror.

NEVER spray any cleaner directly on the painted glass surface

Unless you can guarantee that the cleaner does not run behind the glass or over a seam where it can get behind the glass and deteriorate the backing. Most glass cleaners will run down the glass and penetrate seams and edges damaging the backing.

Creative Mirror & Shower sells its Perma Gleam Glass Cleaner that is specially formulated for back painted glass. Perma Gleam Glass Cleaner has been proven effective over a 40+ year period with Creative Mirror & Shower customers. The product is alcohol based and sprays on in foam that can be directed away from glass edges and will not run down the glass like household cleaners.

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